Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Recession Special

When you read stories like this.....(go on, read it, I'll wait) can't help but agree with my good friend Dr. Grey:

I mean, here's an issue that would mostly be ignored by the political establishment. And if it was addressed, the Republicans would offer huge tax breaks to some ConAgra backed supermarket to bulldoze a couple of blocks of fix-me-up townhouses and build a big box grocery version of the vomit inducing Atlantic Center. Democrats, on the other hand, faced with the same problem would spend gazillions of dollars on academic studies and then decide to open a "community center" with a big mural and cooking classes -- and bulletproof glass and no funding in a couple of years. Both would be seen as abject failures.

Now I realize Bloomie's a capitalist through and through. That could be a bad thing -- but on many issues he seems to be thinking about everybody's economic best interests. The poorer citizens can open businesses. The neighbors of poorer communities get produce without having to spend the precious commodity of time to procure it. The only folks who don't profit from this -- are supermarkets.

I mean -- think about it. Actually helping two distinct groups of constituents with one stone....without involving big business or big government. It's kind of amazing.

Free hot dogs on inauguration day would only be the beginning.

(pic from this guy's flickr stream)


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