Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Prescient

Seventeen entertainment blogs—among them Televisionary, Give Me My Remote and Glowy Box—will go dark Tuesday, replacing their sites with WGA solidarity statements.

"Some people thought we'd be against the writers because our favorite shows are going away, but we wanted to show that some things are more important than a few shows airing full season," says Glowy Box blogger Liz Pardue, who organized tomorrow's "blog strike." "There needs to be an education effort made and we're trying to do our part."

I hope that last three months of Staying West's "blog strike" taught you a valuable lesson about not under-appreciating your hardworking CSI: Miami writers! See, I knew these dark days of picketing television writers were coming, so I started my political action early. I know the silence of Staying West's witty commentary has hurt you almost as much as the silence of Leno's nightly monologue these last couple of days -- but how else are we going to teach those Hollywood titans a lesson? The only way they will listen is if we stop producing the only thing more dear to millions of Americans than nightly television: the thoughts of unemployed Brooklynites!

Sorry, but it had to be done.

(Strikers Gain Fan Support)


Staying West's cleansing time in the wilderness is over.

But don't worry, I've been like a friggin' squirrel hiding away my grumbles/bitches/moans in the hollowed out tree that is the rear of my cranium, waiting for a time much like....this.